Will making an online reservation guarantee me a canoe or kayak when I arrive?
Yes, it will guarantee you a canoe or kayak but not at the exact time you reserved online. The best thing to do is call to reserve the time and how many canoe or kayaks you might need at a particular time slot. Some days “especially weekends” are a lot busier than others so we can better guide you and your groups to a time that will space you out from the other groups that might be going at that particular time as well.

*Camping on the designated areas along the river is FREE on a first come first served basis.

What if I need to cancel my canoe reservation?
Eric's Canoe Rentals does not offer refunds. If you pay in advance, your purchase is good for the entire season so you can reschedule.

We understand that weather and times can always change so we try to be flexible for you!

Do I need to sign a Waiver Form?
Yes, you will be required to sign a Visitor Acknowledgement of Risks (VAR) form when you arrive.